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Follow our social media for general info, our upcoming concert schedule, specials, show announcements, low ticket alerts and sold out alerts. We are most active on Instagram @ricksstarkville but also post regularly on Facebook and Twitter(X) which is also @ricksstarkville

Please plan ahead if you want to attend a show and purchase tickets. Once a show is sold out, that means we have sold out of all available tickets and we have no more to sell. If we have not sold out of tickets, we will be collecting cover charge (same as a ticket) at the door that night until we are sold out or the band’s performance is complete.

We can only guarantee tickets purchased directly from our website. If you purchase tickets from a 3rd party website or an individual, you are doing so at your own risk. If a person sells the same ticket to numerous people, the first ticket scan will be honored, the rest will come back ‘void’.

You can purchase tickets online from this website, just click the show and follow the steps. There will be some service fees added to the purchase price.

If you want to avoid service fees, we almost always print hard tickets to every show and have them available to purchase in our sports bar. Our sports bar opens by 3pm everyday. These tickets have no fees added but are cash only. We do have an ATM in our lobby if needed.

If you would like to reserve a table to a show, from our website click ‘table reservations’ then click the event. If the tables are red that means they are already reserved. If the tables are green that means they are available. Choose from any of the green tables and follow the check out process. Each table seats 4 people. Tables along the sides are currently $20, and along the back wall are only $10. Table reservations close at 5pm the day of the show. Table reservations will be taken up at 10pm if you are a no-show so that table can be made available to other customers.

Even if all tables are all reserved, we do occasionally have 4-5 tables in the dance floor area that are first come first serve.

Do not ask us if you can meet the band. General rule from all bands is to keep backstage completely clear of all non-essential personnel. However, quite often bands have meet & greet options for a fee or for free. Check our website or their website for info, prices, times, etc. Bands sometimes also come out after the show to meet people and sign autographs, but that is completely at their discretion. Absolutely no one allowed backstage at anytime without the band’s permission.