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Q: Where are you located?

A: Our physical address is 319B Hwy 182 East. Click HERE to map it. If you get lost call us, we’ll bring you on in… 662-323-7425 ext. 1
Our GPS Coordinates are: 33.466809, -88.811587

Q: What nearby hotel would you recommend?

A: The Hotel Chester is the closest to us and run by some fine people! website:WWW.HISTORICHOTELCHESTER.COM or CLICK HERE for a list of other nearby hotels

Q: What are your hours?

A: The Blue Parrot Sports Bar, located in the front of the building, is open 7 days a week. Monday – Wednesday 3pm – midnight, Thursday 3pm-1am, Friday & Saturday 1pm-1am, Sunday 1pm-midnight

Rick’s Café, our large main room in the back of the building is open for special events and concerts, PLEASE SEE OUR CALENDAR FOR BAND LINEUP AND OTHER EVENTS.

Q: What are your age requirements?

A: You must be 18 or up unless accompanied by a parent to enter. You must be 21 or older to drink alcohol.You must bring your real and valid ID with you to show that you are old enough to enter or old enough to drink. We also have a full selection of non-alcohol drinks.

Q: Do I need to bring cash with me?

A: We take cash, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.
When purchasing concert tickets for upcoming events, please see the bartender in the sports bar. Cash only, no fees. There is an ATM in our lobby if needed.

Q: How does my band get a gig at Rick’s?

A: Please see our CONTACT section on this website.

Q: Where can I buy concert tickets?

A: On this website or in the Blue Parrot Sports Bar (see hours above).
If you buy tickets online you can opt either for the mobile ticket or print a ticket at home, either will be scanned as you come in.

Q: Can I get a refund if something comes up and I can’t make the show?

A: All tickets are nonrefundable, sorry. If a concert is cancelled a refund will be issued at the point of purchase.

Q: Why does Rick’s usually have a cover charge?

A: Great bands cost money, that’s how we pay our bands and continue to bring you great live entertainment.

Q: When do your concerts end?

A: The length of an artist’s showtime is entirely at their discretion. We try to time the end of their performance approximately 15-30 minutes before closing time. Sometimes they play longer.

Q: When is last call?

A: Fifteen minutes before closing time. City law states no consumption after closing time. Please help us abide by the law and finish your drinks by the appropriate time. Servers will ask you to finish your drinks before closing time simply because they are required to by city law.

Q: Can I meet the band?

A: Some artists sell VIP meet & greets and some come out after the show to meet their fans and possibly sign autographs at the merch table. Otherwise, we will follow the guidelines given to us by each artist. Most contracts state that no one is allowed backstage, we will enforce their requests.

Q: The show is sold out, can I still get tickets?

A: First, don’t take your friend’s word that we are sold out. We’d hate for a rumor to cause you to miss a great show. Go to our website or call us at 662-323-7425 ext. 1 to find out for sure.Then, if WE say we’re sold out unfortunately we’ve have reached out maximum capacity and can not sell anymore tickets. At this point the only way you can get in the show is to buy a ticket from someone that is willing to sell theirs. Please be careful of online scammers.

Q: Someone is bothering me or being rude, what should I do?

A: Tell one of our employees or find security. They will handle the problem for you.

Q: Do you serve food?

A: Yes, we actually have pretty good food. CLICK HERE to see our menu or ask your server for details.

Q: Can I smoke inside?

A: No, it’s against city law. We have designated outside areas for smoking.

Q: Have you seen my friend? Can I go in and look for them?

A: No, you must pay cover to go into Rick’s and our door guys must stay in the lobby. Text or call your friend and have them meet you outside or in the lobby. We are unable to page customers or make announcements.
However, if it is a TRUE emergency, we will do our best to help you find the person you are looking for.

Q: Will you call me a taxi?

A: Absolutely. We want your experience here to be a safe one so you can come back. Ask a staff member or look for the taxi company numbers posted in the lobby or in the sports bar.

Q: Do you have seating areas?

A: Yes, there is raised seating all the way around the room plus seating and a dance floor area in front of the stage.

Q: Can I reserve a table?

A: For certain concerts, yes! Click on ‘Table Reservations” at the top of the screen to see a list of nights tables can be reserved. If the night isn’t listed, tables will be first come first seated.

Q: Where are the bathrooms?

A: The sports bar has bathrooms along the front wall. The bathrooms in Rick’s are located in the back far corner (NE corner) of the room.

Q: Do I need ID? I’m not going to drink.

A: Yes, we still need to see your real ID please.

Q: You didn’t answer my question, what should I do?

A: SEND US AN EMAIL, we’ll do our best to answer it.