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The Dog Bar

The Dog Bar at Rick’s Café is a large outside space for humans and pups to get together,
socialize, and enjoy a drink! Our goal is for people to have a fun place to come hang out and
relax, and not have to worry about leaving your pup at home. The Dog Bar is located in the
outside fenced-in area at Rick’s Café. We strive to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for
people and pups alike. If you would like to come and bring your dog, please read our rules and
requirements and fill out the forms below. We can’t wait to see you there!
The Dog Bar Rules

  1. All human guests must be 18 or older.
  2. No outside food allowed.
  3. No toys, bones, balls, or treats of any kind will be allowed inside the premises.
  4. Each dog owner is responsible for his or her dog’s behavior and cleaning up after
  5. Dogs must remain supervised by their owner in The Dog Bar outside area; no
    dogs are allowed inside.
  6. Aggressive or excessively loud behavior (from dogs or humans) is not allowed or tolerated. 
  7. No prong collars or shock collars are to be worn inside The Dog Bar. 
  8. No retractable leashes allowed. 
  9. The owner must never leave his or her dog unattended.
  10. Please be a responsible owner, and scoop your pup’s poop. There are waste
    stations in designated areas, along with sanitizing equipment.
    Please be aware that the rules we have at The Dog Bar are in place in order to promote
    the safest environment for you and your dog. We want to ensure everyone has a fun-
    loving, tail-wagging time, dogs and humans included!


  1. Dogs must be up to date on vaccinations including Rabies, Parvo, and
    Bordetella/Kennel Cough.
  2. Current vaccination records from your veterinarian must be provided
  3. Dogs over one year of age must be spayed or neutered in order to be allowed on The Dog Bar
  4. Dogs must be non-aggressive and get along well with humans and other dogs.
  5. Any of these requirements not met in full will prevent you from gaining
    membership to The Dog Bar.
    A $5 admission fee will be charged for each dog, no charge for humans.
    Monthly, semester, or yearly discount passes may be added in the future.
    If you would like to register your dog so they can come play at The Dog Bar please email the following to

  6. Owner Information:
  7. Name:
  8. Phone
  9. Number:
  10. Date of Birth:
  11. Address:
  12. City:
  13. State:
  14. Emergency Contact:
  15. Dog Information:
  16. Name: Sex:
  17. Approx.Age:
  18. Breed:
  19. Color and Markings:
  20. Please attach Rabies, Parvo, and Bordetella proof of vaccination photo to the email.
  21. By submitting this imformation, I acknowledge that I have read and fully understand The
  22. Dog Bar rules. I assure that my dog meets the requirements needed to play at The Dog Bar. I
  23. understand that The Dog Bar is not responsible for any injury, illness, or damage
  24. caused while my dog(s) are on the premises. I acknowledge that I am fully responsible
  25. for my dog(s) and their actions, and The Dog Bar staff will not be supervising my dog(s) at all
  26. times. I acknowledge that The Dog Bar will do everything in their power to provide a safe and
  27. sanitary environment, but I am ultimately responsible for my dog’s actions and
  28. behaviors. The Dog Bar has the right to refuse service to anyone.